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Welcome to the second chapter of the Ford Escort Mk1 modeling tutorial. If you have missed the first chapter, you can find it HERE. I hope that the first wasn’t too hard and you have learned something from that tutorial. The interior of this car won’t be very detailed because many of those parts won’t be visible but if you want you can model the entire the entire interior. I guess that know, after the first chapter, you have improved your modeling skills. Its my first interior modeling tutorial so now I am learning too :)
Before starting to make the interior, I have added some details on the front and teh rear of the car. Very “easy to add” details. The details are the following :
FORD letters :


And I have also added on the rear the FORD letters :

letters rear

1. Let’s start. Before making any modifications, I hope that you have saved the result of the first chapter in a different file. So, as I have said this is my first car interior and I will start to select all body parts except the hood and the trunk and hi everything else :


2. Take a look at the volume that you have inside the car and also you can look for some reference images on the web if you are in doubt. We will start with working on the doors. The doors of the Ford Escort MK1 are pretty straight and wihout many details. So, select the exterior border and drag it to the interior. Then allign the border to get a straight shape :


3. The next its a little bit tricky. Tri to aling the interior of the rim like in the next image (I have added a plane at the middle of the door to not be confused, because I have made the mesh transparent and I have seen all vertices and it was pretty confusing) :




4. Now we need to make the interior side. We have made a little mistake in the first chapter, we shouldn’t chamfer the edges but its ok we can manage this. And sorry about this error, its my first time when I am making a car interior. So, I have started to bridge the edge and I have ended up with this polygons :


5. Select these edges and chamfer them. There are also some very tiny edges from the first chapter. You need to select them too. This is why I have said that we shouldn’t have chamfered these edges :



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