BMW Z4 M – car modeling tutorial

26. If you will apply a smooth modifier like “Meshsmooth” or “Turbosmooth” you will have this :

27. You will notice that the edges which should be sharp, are rounded. To fix this, we need to chamfer those edges with a small amount. So, select the same edges as me , then chamfer them using the same value like in the image :

28. Now if you will apply a smooth modifier and hide the edges, you will see that the chamfered edges are now sharper, but, you still need to check the intersection between the edges. In some places, after the chamfering step, some triangles were made and as you probably now, we should avoid triangles on high poly models. Here I will show you how to fix them :

29. When you are done, apply a smooth modifier (if you didn’t applied one) and then disable the edges and the front bumper should look like this :

30. At this step you need to select all polygons from the front bumper then click on detach. Because for the moment we will leave the front bumper and we will continue with the rest of the body. After you have detached the part, hide it :

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  • brock

    thanks for your great and perfect tutorial

    • I am glad you like it :) . Don’t forget to check the Ford Escort series :) . Its better than this one 😉

  • nakul

    what tool have you used to start the bumper of the car ?

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