BMW Z4 M – car modeling tutorial

21. From this part we will move a little bit forward with the modeling. Make the next rows of polygons :

22. At this step we will make a little bit the box of the headlight. Just something quick made because we will come back later to make the headlight. Select the same edges and drag them back. Don’t forget to hold the shift button. When you are done, select the polygons from this box and detach them. When the small window appears check “Clone to Object”

23. Now we will make that seam between the front bumper and the rest of the car. Select the same edges and them chamfer them with the same amount as me. BUT, don’t forget that now you need to check the “Open chamfer” box.

24. We will add some details that I consider very important. I saw that some beginners will let the seams between the parts like this but we will make a small detail which will make the difference between a beginner and an intermediate. The small detail is this one : we will make some extruded eges to the interior between the seams. This will give to the viewer the impression of thickness and not the impression that the body of the care is made with some paper sheets. Select the same edges, hold the shift button and drag them to the interior of the car :

25. On the side, there is a small part that we need to modify because it is visibile and it shouldn’t. Select these 4 vertices, then in the top viewport drag them to the interior and put them in the same place as me :

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  • brock

    thanks for your great and perfect tutorial

    • I am glad you like it :) . Don’t forget to check the Ford Escort series :) . Its better than this one 😉

  • nakul

    what tool have you used to start the bumper of the car ?

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