BMW Z4 M – car modeling tutorial

100. Now chamfer the edges from the door

101. Don’t forget to chamfer the rear fender too and after this chamfering steps , check to see if those small triangles were formed

102. The last thing that we need to chamfer for the moment is that small wing on the back. Pick the same edges ad chamfer them :

103. If you will apply a smooth modifier, until know you should have this :

104. Now we will sculpt the side skirts a little bit. Select these 6 edges , then apply on them a chamfer with the same value like mine :

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4 Comments on "BMW Z4 M – car modeling tutorial"

  • brock

    thanks for your great and perfect tutorial

    • I am glad you like it :) . Don’t forget to check the Ford Escort series :) . Its better than this one 😉

  • nakul

    what tool have you used to start the bumper of the car ?

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