BMW Z4 M – car modeling tutorial

56. Now having the grill selected, add the modifier called FFD 3x3x3 . Then open the submenu from this modifier and choose “Control point” . This will give you the control of the points.

57. Use the control point to bend the grill like me. Just pick one or several point at a time and move them. You will see that you will change the shape of the grill.

58. Select the same edges (if you will apply a smooth modifier on this object, if not, skip this step) then chamfer them with a small value (0.35)

59. At this step we will start to model the side window. So, when I have made the car I was started to model that window seal. You need to select the same vertice like me then hold the shift button and drag them up a little bit

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  • brock

    thanks for your great and perfect tutorial

    • I am glad you like it :) . Don’t forget to check the Ford Escort series :) . Its better than this one 😉

  • nakul

    what tool have you used to start the bumper of the car ?

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