BMW Z4 M – car modeling tutorial

51. Don’t forget to chamfer this edges with a very small amount :


52. After the blinker, I have made a smaller box where I will put the lights. Here you have the mesh of the smaller box

53. For the lights, just make a cylinder and the use the basic modeling techniques to make the same shape as me. You can make one of the lights then make a clone for the second :

54. We will move forward and we will add some details on the “nose” (front air intake hole). So, make a box with the same values as me, the convert the box into an editable poly, delete the selected polygon and place it in the same position :

55. Now select the object, hold the shift button and drag to the left and create 8 copies of this object. If you want you can create more :

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  • brock

    thanks for your great and perfect tutorial

    • I am glad you like it :) . Don’t forget to check the Ford Escort series :) . Its better than this one 😉

  • nakul

    what tool have you used to start the bumper of the car ?

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