Soccer ball modeling tutorial

Hello, i’ll show you how to make a simple ball with it’s texture in 3D Max.
1. Start you’r 3D Max, Click on Create button, Click on falling menu, and click “Extended Primitives”

2. Now, Click on “Hedra” button, then make object anywhere in you’r viewport. I suggest you to maximize “perspective” viewport and to turn on “Edged Faces”.

3. Somewhere in viewport, klick right mouse button to turn of “Hedra”. Now go to “Modify” button, find “Dodec/Icos” in right menu. In “Family Parameters” where it’s writing “P: 0,0″, write “0,38″

4. You should get object like in picture. Right click on object, go to “Convert to: -> Editable Poly”.

5. Go to “Modify” button, press “Edge” button, press and hold left click and select ball (or press Ctrl A on keyboard to select all edges). Now click “Split” button in right menu.

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  • kabilan

    really it is very useful for a beginner…

  • george

    very nice and very easy for begginers.thank you

  • Zaman

    sir, i try it but there is no football view shown just showing like sphere. not showing panels of football

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