Audi TT (2008) modeling tutorial

Hi, i’ve made this tutorial in 16 days and I hope that anyone will understand it. First off all, i’m sorry if there are gramatical mystakes, english is not my language. If you think that you can make something in 3DS max, then post your tutorial like me. Doesn’t matter if your tutorial its a basic or advanced tutorial.

About tutorial :

– In this tutorial we will model a Audi TT 2008. Below, i have prepared the document. You can download it from HERE (its for 3ds max 2009). In that document you have the blueprint sliced and the planes in 3ds max. You need to put those blueprints on those planes and we can start to model. I think that is better if anyone will download my file because we will have the same documents.

1. After you have downloaded my file, open it with 3DS Max and put the blueprints linke in the picture.


2. After you have put the blueprints on those planes, select all the planes > right click > object properties. Uncheck “Show Frozen in Gray” and check “Freeze”. After this procces you cannot move your blueprints accidentaly when you will model the car.

3. Let’s start to model. Make a tube at the front wheel like in my picture. You have the values of the tube in the picture :

4. Having the tube selected, right click > convert to > editable poly. Then detele the polygons which are from interior.

5. Now delete the polygons that are under the car

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34 Comments on "Audi TT (2008) modeling tutorial"

  • Thants for great tutorial! I have one question according to back light. When I try to make it the way described in here I loose the tangency with the rest of the back of the car. Is there any possibility that after adding toorbosmoth 2 different object would keep tangency and look as smooth as the original car?

  • Uzair

    Superb But i dont know how to render a car please tell me

  • Teron

    If anyone wants absolutely exact proportions of blueprint images you can download it here I’ve changed them with photoshop :). This may help when you stack planes. Just select them 1 by 1 and move to 0,0,0 coordinates for top and side plane, front plane to 0,-50,0 and back plane to 0,+50,0. You will have perfectly stacked planes in perspective viewport :).

  • DE

    great tutorial, thanks!

  • Artur

    A perfect totorial, I haven’t found anything like this, I looked everywhere. I think you should put this one in, I think they are giving somekind of prizes for uploaded totorials and this one is GREAT !!! I didn’t tryed it yet, but I’ve been looking a lot of them and this one is the BEST.

    You realy should be revorded for this one.

    I would be gratefull if you would make a totorial of setting up the Blueprints. From the begining, how to cut it and what has to be watched during the process(cuting the picture, seting up dimensions of the cuttet picture,seting up the planes sizes), because I can’t find anything, every totorial I looked doesn’t match up to your’s.

  • Mark

    This is one of the best tutorials I have ever come across. I am relatively new to Max but I must say, if I continue learning from excellent tutorials like these, I will be pretty good very soon.
    Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

  • Louis-Philippe

    Thank you very much for this tutorial! I use Cinema4D, but this tutorial was perfect to upgrade my competence in this logiciel. Thank you again!

  • Shaki

    Great Work! Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

  • Fabio

    Hello I’m Fabio live in Portuguese

    Very good tururial this, but also very difficult for a beginner

    have looked all over the internet and not find my car in order for 3D games, I see older versions but can not find my Ford Fiesta in the year 1999, I would like to help build it myself in 3 D …
    please say something to my email:



  • Enva

    Hey bro, I think there’s a problem in the blueprint. The bottom blueprint and the side blueprint is in a different position, make me little confuse why the planes just fit in one side of the blueprint. Btw, great tutorial!

  • Alun

    Where do you find these blue prints? I would like to do my Z4 ///M 2005. Is there a blue print available?

    Fantastic tutorial.

  • Ava

    hi.. .I’m ava and I live in Iran… . I’m 15 and i like to learn 3ds max.. . so thank you very much for this awesome tutorial. but that fill doesn’t open in my 3ds max… .why??? would u plz help me????? (sorry if there are grammatical mistakes)

  • Jonatan


    Im having trouble seeing the other side of the blueprints, it all becomes black because theres some sort of light in the viewport.

    How do I fix it?

    • Ramil

      Jonatan, your elements,right-click,then object properties and turn on “Backspace cull”. it must fix your problem.

      • Jonatan

        Weird, it made the hole picture go away… But no problem! I just turned on “2 lights” and my problem was solved anyways 😀

  • Ramil

    Backface cull,sorry.

  • Hey this is a great tutorial and thank you very much.

  • Hristian

    Great tutorial, but i still don’t understand, why did we need to delete the polys at 108, nad 114. I have some holes on my car now.

  • andre c

    Great work of art and love. I would never expect this degree of commitment on my part. Would you be so kind to publish your renditions in higher resolution. They’d make great wallpapera, specially the 3/4 view from behind.

  • Gualtiero V

    Where is the download?

    • at the top of the page (at the beginning of the article) , press on the orange word “HERE”

  • Cookies1304

    Great tut mate! My car was a lil’ bit glitchy, but it’s my first one, but it’s pretty cool xD.

  • berrymilk

    my car turning out great so far but the blueprints are a little weird is this car gunna be quad at the end? mine is having pinching problems in the front

    • I hope that you have downloaded the provided file to work. Please make an account on our forum and post some wireframes with your car and we will tell you how to make it better :) . You helped the website because you bought a membership, but now its our duty to help you :)

  • Josh

    Wow this tutorial was free for the longest time, now I have to pay to see it? Great site.

  • sizwe150

    Hey man I just baught a membership, how do I access the rest of the tutorial?

    • Done, relog and then go to the Premium page. Maybe you didn’t read bit we are approving the memberships manually :) . Enjoy our tutorials, and if you need help, ask on the forum . Have a nice day

  • mohammad

    Your site was very good .It was very useful for me.
    Thank you very much for this very nice site and it’s valuable topics.

  • sadegh

    it is good but there is easier technique like as nurb modeling

  • Ashwin

    Awesome! This tutorial is really good for beginners. I was really taken by surprise when i first rendered my model (following this tutorial). All along the way the process was simple yet the model captured most of the complex details of the car and in the end I was like, “did i do that?”. Simply amazing, you kept it simple yet effective. Thanks for the great tutorial!


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