Ad board animation tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create an animated ad board in 3DS Max. It’s very simple. All you need to know is how to texture and object using UVW unwrap and some basic modeling tutorial. If you don’t know how to use uvw unwrap, search a little bit on this website and you will find what you need :). By the way, this is my first animation, so, don’t be rude. This is what we will make

First words, as usual, are “Let’s start”

1. Start by making a cilynder using the same values as me

2. Now make 25 copies of that object. To make 25 copies with an equal distance between them, select the Move tool, then the object. After you have selected the object, click and drag to the left or right and a window loke below will appear. Put 25 at number of copies and click OK

3. You should have something like this :

4. We will make the animation later because we need to make the box of this ad. Make a box with this dimensions

5. Try to put the box in the same position as me.

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5 Comments on "Ad board animation tutorial"

  • Said

    Nice tutorial, very well explained

  • Arei

    Great tutorial, confused at step:

    36. You need to arrange the panels like me (in the UVW window) If you want to scale up or down the panels select all the panels then you should scale.

    basically… how do I arrange the panels in the UVW window?


  • rubel

    Please explain me, how you setup environment background for using animation

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