Under the influence of recent technological development, traditional ways of business development are being altered. Not that long time ago those involved in business were expected to set up physical data room to share any sensitive information with their potential partners or they were expected to hand all the information personally during face-to-face negotiations. However, with the launch of virtual platforms, a new way of information sharing and storing emerged.

A VDR is an online repository for digital copies of valuable corporate data and the entrance to the VDR may be opened for selected groups of stakeholders. Traditionally, virtual rooms are protected with a complex security system. For this reason, you must not fear any data leakage, unauthorized sharing, misuse, destruction, loss, etc. Protection is provided by such features as data encryption, firewalls, two-step user verification, regular backups, virus scanning, dynamic watermarks and multiple other advanced options inherent to decent virtual rooms.

In addition to military-level data protection, a VDR is also famous for its unprecedented accessibility: you have an opportunity to browse the files 24/7 365 days a year worldwide and keep on working even without your PC or laptop via your gadgets. Thus, you are able to exchange files with your transborder stakeholders almost instantly and that the accomplishment of the operation is without any interruptions in progress: you do not have to take inconvenient business trips and to participate in personal meetings. Moreover, when you utilize virtual rooms for making business you have an opportunity to comment on all the information directly within the VDR owing to Q&A section. >>>

In addition, a virtual repository provides you with a highly functional workspace. The platform is commonly equipped with a wide range of features that accelerate and facilitate the deal-making process. For this reason, you will not miss advantages offered by progressive search tools, filtering functions, in-document linking tools, by integration with Microsoft Office. All these options let you to move around the platform intuitively, to adapt the platform to your own projects, to analyze documents directly in a virtual platform. Hence, a virtual platform offers you the virtual space which is equally suitable for keeping the contact with the partners and for individual information storage.

When it comes to contacts with your stakeholders, you do not need to be anxious about setting up multiple virtual repositories for all the new deals. The virtual repository gives you a right to separate your stakeholder into permission groups and to share certain information with some groups. For this reason, one VDR is sufficient for simultaneous fulfillment of separate deals. Moreover, all the users can work with the files at the same time and none of the projects is being neglected due to the virtual room being overcrowded with the users working on the other operation.

In addition, when utilizing a virtual platform you have all the information about what occurs in your virtual platform: activity tracking tool leaves not a single action without attention. So, whatever a user performs in the room – browse, download, change documents – it is written down and represented in an audit report. The report gives you an opportunity to detect the most interested visitors, to watch actions of your employees, etc.

Additional essential characteristic of data rooms is that you are allowed to make your virtual data room consistent with the corporate identity by using logos in emails, reports, other letters, by designing your data room in certain colours, etc. Thus, by preparing a specially designed webpage, you make your virtual repository convey your firm online to all the buyers globally.

The options listed above explain to some extent why virtual repositories are becoming popular and why businessmen switch to the exploitation of rooms. These digital depositories can be adjusted to your transactions’ requirements and make the operation run quickly and smoothly. Also, virtual repositories remain not that expensive and you always know that you are paying only for the traits you demand to complete your goals. Therefore, there is not a single reason to avoid virtual repositories and to be loyal to old-school ways of deal-making. Novel nature of virtual rooms will bring you new possibilities and open new horizons!

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