3DS Max tutorial – how to model a rim BBS LM

53. We will move forward and work on the spokes. We will use the same method , with the “Bridge” tool. There aren’t many things to exaplain here because there are the same steps. Just bridge the edges like in the following images :






54. Don’t forger ti weld the vertices by using the “Target Weld” tool. Weld the vertex A to vertex B



55. Do the same thing for each spoke until you will have the same result as below :


56. Now we are closing the middle hole. Use “border” to select the entire hole’s edge. If every vertex is welded, with a single click, you should be able to select the entire border. Then use the scale tool and the shift button to create extra polygons and close the hole



57. We are almost done. We just need to chamfer these edges, which are selected in the next image, then we will check to see if there are any triangles :



58. And here you have the last step : chamfer the edges from the first image then add 2-3 rows of new edges like in the second image :



This is all what I have to show you in this tutorial. Below you have a couple of render that I have made using the Vray scene made by Andrei C, and which can be downloaded via our forum. To be able to see the download link, you need an account on our forum.
Bye :)



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  • Imaginea a treia de jos in sus arata cel mai bine :X

  • Se pare ca mi-a adaugat comentariul la pagina 1 si nu despre imaginea de aici voiam sa zic. Ma refeream la imaginea de la pagina 12 :X

  • Marcus

    Theres something missing.
    Between Pic. 53 and 55 theres nothing which shows the making of the middle part in the inner (around bbs logo).
    its suddenly just there.

    anyways good tut.

    • Marcus

      ok found it couple pages later. confusing because your screenshots already show that area

      • I am glad you solved the problem :) . Don’t forget that if you need help, we are on the forum, waiting for questions :)

  • Zach Frye

    Damn always liked your tutorials along with alooooooooot of people! 😀 always very informative and the pics along with them make it even easier for people who are still a beginner 😀 great work man keep it up! 😀

  • Can i have photos from 26 to 35

  • Toinou80

    Great tutoriel !!

    I have just one question: I downloaded the background image (BBS LM Rim) and when I Press M and follow your tutorial, the image quality is really bad, Why?


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