Tire modeling tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a tire. Its a very simple tutorial which can be followed by any beginner in 3ds max.So, below you have the blueprint. You can find more blueprints (37000) on www.the-blueprints.com .

We will use these images as blueprint

Let’s start :

1. I’ve cut the blueprints and put them into my document in 3ds max

2. Now, using “Line” make a “Line” just like me, its the contour of the tyre

3. Go to the “modifier list” and extrude the line just like me. An extrude like 60.0

4. We need to make those patterns because its not a formula 1 tyre, so do just like me. When you make the pattern of a tyre, NEVER move just 1 vertex, but take 2, just like in my picture

5. If you want to make the vertices more closer, select ALL vertices then scale down.

6. Having those 2 vertices still selected, move them in the same spot as me.

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6 Comments on "Tire modeling tutorial"

  • Can you make a tut how to create rims for these?

  • Heyy brother i appreciate your work so much :)
    could you please explain to us some easy methods to create the side of the tire just like shaped lines and text and such things ,, regards thank ya

  • rouf

    im a beginner 3ds max, this tutorial very useful. thanks

  • brock

    your site and your tuts is great
    thanks for all

  • guerru

    thank you so much! nice tutorial

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