How to model a brake disc in 3DS Max

To make a brake disk in 3DS Max you should follow this tutorial. I’ve made these tutoriale in 15 steps. Maybe you will say that are too many but i have explained very well and anyone can follow this tutorial.

1. Start by making a Donut in the top viewport ( to do a Donut click on Shapes > Donut). Put these values R1 = 100 ; R2 = 40.

2. Put the donut in the middle of the document ( select the donut, right click on him , click on the little square near “Move” and put all values at 0 )

3. Make 7 small circles and put them like in the image . To make all circles equals and fast, select the first circle, hold shift and drag out from the circle.

4. After u have made all 7 circles, select all 7 circles, click on Hierarchy > Pivot > Affect pivot only then right click on the circles and click on the small circle near “Move” and put all values to 0.

5. With all small circles selected go to Tools > Array

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