3DS Max beginner tutorial – Earrings modeling tutorial

Hi again :) . In this tutorial I will show you how to make a pair of earring using 3DS Max. A very simple tutorial, recommended to those new users who are not used with this software. We will use some simple tools in order to create a pair of 3D earrings.I will also show you how to use MassFX in order to create a natural look, a natural fall of the earring’s parts.
This is what we will create :


1. Let’s start by making the hook. Go to the “Create” tab, and then go to the “Shapes” menu and pick the “Line” tool:


2. Having the “Line” tool selected, create the shape of the hook, create just a basic and rough shape like below :


3. Since the hook has a smoother shape, we will do it too. You can do a search on the web to see how it looks, just search for “earring hook”. So, having the hook selected, go to the modifier menu, the select a vertex > right click > smooth. This will smooth the corner :


4. If the curve is too strong, instead of “Smooth” choose “Bezier” and then you will be able to control the curve. This is what I have made by smoothing and adjusting the vertices smoothness :


5. Adding some thickness to our hook. To add some thickness, you will see that in the “Modifier” menu, you have a tab called “rendering”. Open the “Rendering” tab and you need to check the following boxes :
– Enable in Renderer : This will make it visible in Render
– Enable in Viewport : This will make it visible in Viewport


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5 Comments on "3DS Max beginner tutorial – Earrings modeling tutorial"

  • Yasser_qais

    Thnx u r amazing !!!!
    Keep up the good work Plz !
    hmm BTW can i sell my 3d model ( which i made From ur tuts 😛 ) in ur site ?!
    God Bless u

    • Thanks :) I am glad when I see somebody who likes my tutorials.

      Yes you can sell your models on the website, anyone can sell them. But the thing is that the models need to look decent. I am not asking for perfection but at least to look decent. I need to go in town now, but can you make an account on the forum and post some of your works there ? Because if the models are not looking very good, I will help you to improve your skills in order to be able to sell them 😉 .

      See you later,
      Andrei C.

  • dan

    In Image 16 how can i get the same menu wheree the arrow points?

  • Ana

    got a bit of a problem with massFx, im using 3dsmax 2014 and i dont have mesh type composite and generate…..what shall i do?

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