2D/3D model shop is open – The benefits of selling your 3d models using tutorial-z.com

After almost 4 years of existence, I have opened a 3D model shop on tutorial-z.com. Why ? Read the entire article and you will also see what are the benefits of selling your digital good on this website.
As some of the users know, everything started as a hobby and now maybe some people think that I consider this a business. Well, not really, becaus if it was a business I would go for the profit and not for a “user friendly” website. I know that I have added some fees for the most detailed tutorials but someone needs to pay for the hosting service and for the maintenance of the website and since I am writing the tutorials, I think that is up to users to help me a little bit. The membership prices, as you can see , are not big at all so, anyone can afford to buy a membership and also, only some tutorials have this “restriction”.
I have made the website because 4-5 years ago when I have started to learn the 3D graphics, the tutorials on the web weren’t very detailed and for most of those tutorials, the support wasn’t very good. And I have said “let’s make a user friendly website” where people can find the support that they need and if you check the comments on my tutorials, you will see that I have answered to anyone

About the 2D/3D model shop :

– Like any other 3D modeler, I have looking for an extra profit by selling some models. Sure, why not. I have posted some models on turbosquid and I’ve waited to sell something. One day, I saw that I have sold a model. The price was 120$ but I have received only 47$ because from 47$ to 120$ were some taxes. Really ? You receive just 30% from the price of the model ? Screw it. I have checked the Turbosquid’s terms and conditions and I have seen that they have some huge taxes and some “non-us taxes”. Yeah right, it sounds like scam to me and here is why :
As far as I know, every person should declare his/her revenue. So, let’s think about it : let’s say that you sell a model with 100$ on turbosquid. you will receive around 33$. Then, you should also declare your revenue in the country were you are living and at the final,you will remain with 25$ for a model which cost 100$.
I was frustrated, of course and I have checked other websites too, but the other websites have some huge taxes too (around 40%-50%) and then I was thinking :”should I open a 3D model shop for myself ?” And I did it. I have made a 3d model shop and I have sold some models and I have kept all the profit. Then, I thought at others too, so, I have upgraded the shop and now everybody can sell his digital products on tutorial-z.com (3D models, textures, templates, 2D stuffs, etc)

What are the benefits for a seller  :

– Well, first of all, there aren’t any “scam” taxes. The only fee that you need to pay is 15% from each sell, because you know, I have invested some money to make this possible and I guess that is a fair tax.
– The second thing is that if you have sold 20 models or 1 model, the fee will be the same. On other website, to lower the taxes , you need to sell some models. Here you won’t see that kind of things. Everyone is equal
– You will receive the money at the end of each month. Doesn’t matter if you have sold an item which cost 2$ or 200$, you will receive the money at the end of the month. You don’t need to earn over 50$-100$ to be able to withdraw your money. NO
– Since I am the only person from the tutorial-z.com staff, I will personally take care of each seller/buyer if there are any problems.
– Since the fees will be much smaller than anywhere else, you can low the price of your model a little bit, and you will still make some nice profit. The advantage of lowering your price is that the model has more chances to be sold.

Click here to find out how to sell your digital goods

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