2 ways to increase your blueprint quality in 3DS Max

Hi again. In this article I will show you 2 ways to raise the quality of your blueprints in 3ds max

 I will start with the first one. First step is to opne your scene and go to “Customize” then choose “Preferences”. A window like below should appear :

Now, in the viewport tab, press on the “Choose Driver” button and be sure that you have these settings. If you have dx10 I would recommend to use dx9. For 3DS Max its better. If you will use dx10 you will see some strange triangles on the mesh.

Then click on the “ok” button. You will receive a message that you need to restart 3ds max. Now press on the “configure driver” button and put these values :

If you will have some higher values , put them but don’t forget to check the little boxes. Then save your scene and restart 3DS Max and voila, the blueprint have a better quality.
The second way is faster . You need to place your blueprints in your scene then go to Views > Show Materials in Viewport As > Hardware Display with Maps

And the blueprints should change instantly without restarting 3DS Max. I hope that this tutorial helped you and if you have any questions or problems please ask on the forum. Don’t forget to press the like button and leave a comment.

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18 Comments on "2 ways to increase your blueprint quality in 3DS Max"

  • Uzair

    Good Second Option is Best

  • amal

    the first step worked for me!!! the blueprint is crystal clear now!!!!!
    thank a lot , you are a life saver !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hafiz sunny

    All the tutorials are very useful .amazing and mindblowing presentation ………..thanks to you very much……..:D

  • At. Nour B

    O i’m going to try these steps, if they work 4 me then u just saved my life man

    • At. Nour B

      MAN the first steps works just like charm, God bless u, Thank u soOoOo much for ur value help … :DD

  • Faust

    thanks dude youre a lifesaver:D

  • majid

    my meterial is not showing in viewport but showing in render…what i do?

    • change the video card :) . I suppose that you have many polygons in your scene and also many textures :) . I had the same problem on another PC.

  • Yasser_Qais

    u r my man ! thnx alot !

  • snaggleking

    Thanks dude, i’m starting my 2nd project without a tutorial and started with a really blurry blueprint.
    It’s funny how a google search brought me back to your website lol

  • Mohamed Adam

    Um, I was wondering what Units of measurement would you usually have set up for the planes with the images of the blueprints? Does it even matter?

    • it doesn’t matter. all it matters is that the plane to be proportional. Example :

      1024m x 512m = 1024px x 512px

      or if its too big for your viewport, you can make them 10.24 x 5.12 …. its the same thing when it comes to proportions. when you are done, you can scale up/down to match the model with the real dimensions if needed

      • Mohamed Adam

        Cool, thanks for the fast response!

  • me

    you just totally saved my life! thx!!

  • frenzy

    Thank you so much, worked.


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