Car modeling tutorials

fordescort-tutorialFord Escort MK1 RS1600
This is our latest car modeling tutorial which is very well explained so anyone can follow it. We will add more chapters to this tutorial very soon
bmwz4m-tutorialBMW Z4 M - 3DS Max car modeling tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn to make something custom, a BMW Z4 M with a racing body kit. Very detailed, lots of steps and images
nissan-350-z-tutorialNissan 350Z car modeling tutorial
Another good tutorial about car modeling is this one. Its not so detailed as the others but its also a very good tutorial which can't be missed
camaro-tutorialCamaro - 3DS Max car modeling tutorial
A tutorial made by one of our users, Jackhammer, who shows you how to model a Chevrolet Camaro from scratch using 3DS Max.
bmw-texturing-tutorialCar texturing tutorial - 3DS Max
This is the second chapter of the BMW tutorial, where you will learn how to create and apply a custom texture on your car. Very easy to follow
bmw-1-series-tutorialBMW 1 Series - 3DS Max modeling tutorial
Its an amazing tutorial, which has 200 steps and over 500 images, perfect for any beginner in automotive modeling. For any kind of support, please feel free to use the forum
auditt-tutorialAudi TT modeling tutorial
This was our first tutorial about car modeling. It was released in 2009 and if you are a 3DS Max beginner, you should follow this tutorial. Its very easy to understand

Our recommendations

homepage-bannerCar texturing tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn how to unwrap you 3D car model and use an image editing software to create your unique texture.
Car-interior-modeling-tutorialCar interior modeling tutorial
This is the second chapter of the Ford Escort modeling tutorial. Here, the author shows you hot to create the interior of the car
bbs-LMBBS LM rim modeling tutorial
A very useful tutorial if you have never made a 3D rim model. In this tutorial, the author will teach you how to make a BBS LM rim.
low-poly-tireLow poly tire modeling tutorial
Software used : 3DS Max, CrazyBump and xNormals. You will make a lowpoly version, a high poly, baking normals and texture
steampunk-sword-modeling-tutorialSteampunk sword modeling tutorial
In our statistics we can see that this is one of the most popular tutorial on the website.This tutorial has lots of hints & tips
sacktextureCharacter unwrapping tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn how to unwrap the character in order to be able to set a texture on the model using Unwrap UVW and Photoshop. First chapter here
hdri-renderingHow to render a car using hdri
A tutorial where the author shows you how to render a car over on top of a background image and use a hdr images as environment......

Blog & Resources

contestTexturing Challenge
Compete against other user to create the best template for the Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600 made by Andrei C.
logoHow to sell your 2D templates or 3D models
We have made a 3D model shop for our users to be able to sell their 3D models and not be ripped of by taxes.
logoBenefits of selling on
We are offering only benefits to our users. We won't take you 70% of the profit and pretend that those are taxes. Read it, it may be useful
2013-10-26_222127Euro currency texture
Free textures of Euro currency at very high resolution. We are not responsible for the way you use them.
steam-engine-locomotiveReference images
If you are planning to model a steam engine locomotive, here you can find some very useful reference images that I have made on holiday

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